ACLU and CAIR Drop Lawsuit against “Muslim-free” Gun Range

ACLU and CAIR Drop Lawsuit Against “Muslim-free” Gun Range

ACLU and CAIR Drop Lawsuit against “Muslim-free” Gun Range

The gun range owners removed the sign and pledged not to discriminate against Muslims.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Oklahoma and the state branch of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) have dropped a federal lawsuit filed against Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gun Range[/tweetit] located in Oktaha, Oklahoma after the latter’s owners removed a sign which declared the business a “Muslim-free establishment.” Both the parties consented to the Muskogee federal court dismissal order.

ACLU and CAIR Drop Lawsuit Against “Muslim-free” Gun Range[/tweetthis]

The lawsuit was initially filed in 2016 when Raja’ee Fatihah, a Muslim American from Tulsa and a reservist in the U.S. Army, visited the range and was turned away only because he was a Muslim. Fatihah is a member of the CAIR Oklahoma board. He attended the range after he heard that Nicole Neal and Chad Neal, the owners of the gun range, had posted a sign which declared the premises as “Muslim-free.” Heather Weaver, the senior ACLU staff attorney, representing Fatihah in this case, said her organization is happy to see the defendants take off the anti-Muslim sign and their consent to comply with the existing laws.

Robert Muise, the attorney representing the gun range owners, said Fatihah was refused due to his aggressive attitude and the fact that he walked into the business fully armed. The lawyer claimed that the army reservist carried a military rifle hanging from his shoulder. He also claimed the Muslim-American had recording equipment in his pocket.

Muise said that the Neals were getting ready to take this case to trial when they were informed of ACLU’s intention to drop the case. Muise, who is a member of American Freedom Law Center, has maintained the stance of the sign being an indicator of free speech in politics. He denies that Muslims were ever banned from the gun range. He pointed out that his clients have always made it clear the sign was a political protest, and the reason they kept the sign installed in its place was because CAIR filed a case against them and the owners refused to be restricted by CAIR.

According to Muise, the Neals uninstalled the news-making sign in December. The old sign was substituted with a new one declaring the business as a “terrorist free establishment.” The new notice bans any person linked to CAIR and several other organizations from patronizing the place.


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