Arkansas first-grader can recite 26 Bible verses, The Lord’s Prayer, and whole chapters of the Bible.

A seven-year-old girl has been found with a remarkable ability: she is able to recite the Bible from memory.

When Sydney Hopson, of Conway, Arkansas, was just five, her grandmother, Rene Henderson, would test her knowledge of the Bible while walking Hopson to school. She had been tasked with memorizing one of 26 Bible verses; to her grandmother’s astonishment, she was able to recite all of them.

Her pastor, Rev. Houston White, has said that her ability is “a gift from God”. Sydney is able to recite entire chapters of the Bible on demand, as well as particular verses she has been tasked with learning.

Word of Sydney’s ability has spread fast, and she has been booked by TV and radio stations, along with church groups, across her home state. Her grandmother has said that last year, Sydney was booked every week to give readings.

She has even won awards for her abilities. A few weeks ago, she showed off her skills to an audience of 800 at a West Memphis talent show, and came away with the first place trophy.

Sydney isn’t resting on her laurels, though- when asked, the so-called “ABC girl” said that her aim is to “say more” verses, and continue to hone her talent.


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