218-Foot Tall Cross Going Up in Branson, MO

218-Foot-Tall Cross Under Construction in Branson, MO

218-Foot Tall Cross Going Up in Branson, MO
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The cost is estimated to be near $5 million dollars.

It’s been a long time coming, but the developers have finally started to excavate the soil to build a cross which promoters claim will be visible for miles. The cross will be 218-feet-tall and located in Branson, Missouri.

The promoter, Kerry Brown, began raising funds for the project in 2012, believing many of the faithful would unhesitatingly donate money to him. He had hoped to start construction on the massive cross by 2013.

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Instead of the massive river of money Brown thought would come his way, only a trickle came. Finally, after six years of fundraising, he has over $3 million dollars. If everything goes according to plan, the money will cover all expenses to build the huge cross. This does not mean Brown does not need more money. He continues to ask for money to build walkways around the cross and landscaping Brown's original plan involved a cost outlay to the tune of $5 million dollars.
The cross is being constructed on private land.

According to Brown, the location is perfect as it is literally the geographical center of the United States. He wants the cross site to be the spiritual epicenter as well. He believes a sign of Christ will guide Americans into the arms of God. He is happy with how things continue to progress, exclaiming that after 10 years of installment funding, the first architectural need for the cross broke ground. Bolts penetrating seven feet under the ground have been put in place, for a total of 22 bolts.  All these bolts together will provide the cross with a stable and firm foundation.

Brown has a positive outlook when it comes to the cross. He holds the belief that drivers will apply brakes and enter the privately owned cross land. These travelers will thus encounter God during their sojourn and they will allow him and his spiritual associates to minister to them. Visitors can get a guide to heaven. Brown's principal aim, according to the man himself is to help the maturing of the saint. He wants to perfect the saint who is already a surety for God's kingdom. It is hoped that the person will also work for Brown's ministry.


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