World’s Largest Yazidi Temple Will Soon Stand in Armenia

The largest Yazidi temple ever to stand will be a symbol of hope and unity for future Yazidi generations.

The small and obscure community of the Yazidis came into the mainstream media in recent times due to the atrocities committed on them by ISIS. However, not everyone is aware of the tragic story of the Yazidis.

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The Yazidis are a group that follows a monotheistic faith that is entirely Abrahamic in nature. However, it does not fall clearly under any of the other mainstream Abrahamic denominations and as such has been the victim of persecution. Though they share similarities with Islam, Christianity and Zoroastrianism, they have a belief of their own.

A persecuted community, the Yazidis call themselves “a community of 72 genocides.” They were driven out of their traditional home of Turkey by the Ottoman Turks. Recently, ISIS began a campaign of genocide against them and nearly wiped them out from Northern Iraq. Many Yazidis fled from Northern Iraq and have settled in Armenia.

The Yazidis are trying to begin their lives once again at their new home in Armenia. The city of Aknalich will be the new socio-religious center for the Yazidi refugees settled in Armenia with the world's largest Yazidi temple being built there. This project is funded by a Yazidi businessman settled in Moscow, Mirza Sloian. This temple will not just house a prayer hall, but also a museum, a seminary and a conference hall as well. Needless to say, this temple will serve as a rehabilitation center for the devastated Yazidi community.

The new temple is all set to be one of the grandest temples that the Yazidis have ever built. It is truly commendable that despite the tortures and traumas that the community has recently suffered, the Yazidi community is trying its best to move on and be proactive in its attempts to re-establish itself again. The building of this temple makes a clear statement to those who have always seen them as heretics and infidels. The Yazidis believe that this new temple will stand as a symbol of hope for future generations, because unlike other monuments, this temple is being built at time when the community is still reeling under the brutalities meted out to them by ISIS. According to Ahmed Burjus, a member of Yazda, this temple will serve as a point of unity for their almost extinct community. Thanks to ISIS, the remaining few members will be displaced all across the face of the earth and in such situations, temples like these will serve to preserve their sense of identity.

The Yazidis are a shining example of hope and positivity in a time of crisis. Their never-back-down spirit is worthy of respect and praise.


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