Trump would implement a monitoring system to track all Muslim activities in the U.S.

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, has publicly proclaimed his support to create a compulsory database for the sole purpose of tracking Muslim residents in the United States. He gave his assent on this topic to a question asked by a reporter from NBC News. Trump further added that the Muslims would sign in at different places and reminded the reporter that it is all about management.

Trump has also said that he is not averse to shutting down mosques saying “really bad things are happening, and they're happening fast.” When asked about Syrian refugees, he said that the American government has no idea about the identity of the refugee population. He expressed misgivings about whether the people entering the United States are genuinely displaced people or members of ISIS. Trump said the refugees can even harbor a Trojan horse. "There should be a lot of systems, beyond databases. We should have a lot of systems." He added.

Trump also expressed skepticism on statistics showing that a majority of Syrian refugees coming into Europe are children and women. He said that a look at the migration lines show powerful and strong men, with a minimal number of women. Children, according to him, are also few.

Trump's latest comments came after the deadly attacks throughout Paris on November 13. These events have led to fear in America and many have asked to slap restrictions on the refugees escaping their war-torn nation of Syria.

Even though President Obama has rebuked a few of Trump's colleagues for suggesting the notion that Syrian refugees following the Christian faith be given preference compared to Muslims, The Donald has gone even further when it came to rhetoric. He pushed for restrictions on the civil liberties enjoyed by American citizens. He also expressed support for greater surveillance activities inside mosques.

Trump said earlier during the third week of November that the U.S. may have zero choice but to close down a few mosques.

Incidentally, the reference to the idea about database came from an interview with a reporter employed with Yahoo News. The billionaire did not throw out his idea of asking all Muslims to get registered in a database. He was also open to the idea of forcing the issuance of special identification cards that will show their religious adherence.


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