Sheryl Nuxoll

Sheryl Nuxoll, Idaho Senator, Calls Hinduism “A false religion with false gods”

Sheryl Nuxoll

Idaho state Senator Sheryl Nuxoll is standing by her comments that Hinduism has false gods and says she wont apologize for what she said.

After boycotting a Hindu prayer which opened the Tuesday morning Idaho Senate session, Sheryl Nuxoll commented to reporters that “I said it was a religion with false gods. I’m not going to give an apology.”

Religious leaders including a United Church of Christ pastor, a Nevada Buddhist leader, the Episcopal Bishop of Nevada, an official with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Reno, a rabbi and Jewish leader in Nevada are requesting a public apology.

Dan Black, of the Boise Institute for Buddhist Studies said “Being a public official, it was highly inappropriate and insensitive for Ms. Nuxoll to call a major religion ‘false’. To show responsibility, respect and understanding that her words were hurtful to the Hindu community, Ms. Nuxoll should apologize.”

Nuxoll did not attend the prayer that morning, because she believes the United States is a Christian nation. She said “Prayer isn’t a show. Prayer is a relationship with God – that’s what prayer is. So how can I join in a prayer where it’s a false god?


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