Religion Taught In Britain

New Request to Begin Religious Studies From As Early As 4-Years-Old

Religion Taught In Britain
Based on a new study, The Relgious Education Council of England and Wales is suggesting religious education be brought back as a primary area of study for students as young as 4 years of age.

The British view the study of religion as an important aspect of life and thus this material should be incorporated into the syllabus of young children too. The Religious Education Council of England and Wales has called for this action among the various schools in the area. The organization, who represents about 60 separate faith groups, is suggesting young children to be taught the basics about religion, while older groups should be asked thought-provoking questions about their life, such as “Does God exist?”

The demand for formulated and beneficial religious study came into the picture a week after publication of the Ofsted report, claming the study of religion is declining. According to this report it is pointed out that in the current times, the study of religion has not been a standardized agreement, and therefore has been left up to local municipalities to plan the syllabus. Thus, a more constructive approach is needed towards the religious studies.

Ireland is also making changes to their religious studies, by planning to add coursework on Atheism and Agnosticism next school year.

The Religious Education Council wants the primary school goers, as young as four years, to learn about the basics of religion. They suggested that this can be done with the help of storytelling and other creative activities. Additionally they are also urging the teenage segment to learn about the existence of god and the universe. They want the students to ask questions about the existence of their religion, morality, and other perspectives and then gain the rightful answer for themselves with the help of the religious teachings.

The Ofsted study not only emphasized the process of classroom teachings but much more. It also suggested that the students should be taken to the various religious sites to make them to have a better understanding of the religion. Though it is a fact that the proper study of religion is a must in the English Educational system, there are very few schools that are able to hold up the tradition of proper and fruitful religious education.

The lack of a proper syllabus for the whole educational system is one of the problems leading to the improper religious studies, as was pointed out in the Ofsted report. Also, the fact that the study of religion is becoming a lesser priority among the pressure of squeezing in all the other subjects of study is also a reason leading to the declining of proper religious knowledge among the young generation.


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