Pope dinner time bonding

Get Your Nose Out of The Phone! Pope Wants Dinner Time Bonding

Pope dinner time bonding

The Pope is right! Dinnertime is not a time for selfishness.

One of the most important things which we can do as a family is have a meal together. This is the time when everybody can get together and share their experiences that they have gone through in the course of the whole day. Only when a family gets together at the dining table does the bond also get strengthened. By talking things out and discussing a variety of issues, it is not only a fundamental experience but also a way to measure the health of relationships.

Get Your Nose Out of The Phone! Pope Wants Dinner Time Bonding[/tweetthis]

Sadly, the trend of conviviality does not exist in majority of the homes, according to Pope Francis. In a speech which was delivered in Vatican City, the Pope talked about how important it is to share meals and experiences with the children. Only in this way they will be able to develop their thinking skills. Not only that, they will also show more regard and care towards maintaining relationships. But with the modern advancements in technology, this scenario does not exist at homes any more. Nowadays, children have been taken over by their smartphones and other technical gadgets.

Even during mealtimes, they have their noses buried deep in their phones. This eliminates all possibilities of interaction actually taking place. If not the phone, they are busy watching the television. In the Pope’s words, this is a “sign of selfishness” as we are becoming so consumed with ourselves. In his opinion, a family who never eats together, or not at the table while being preoccupied with something else, is not a family at all. In fact, all those members have become pensioners to their smartphones.


The Pope has also made references to Christianity in regards to conviviality. Such was its importance that even Jesus gathered everyone around and taught at the table. Sometimes, Jesus even represented the kingdom of God in terms of the bouquet. In addition, Jesus considered the banquet table to be the perfect location for presenting his spiritual testament to his disciples. The Pope also added that Christians also place a special importance to believe in the value of togetherness. Through this, they strengthen their bonds of love with their dear ones.

Sadly this scenario no longer exists anymore. Most of our time has been taken up by work and other things which keep us preoccupied. We have let go of the things which matter the most. That is why nowadays dinner time conversation does not exist as everybody is busy in their own little bubble. In other cases, dozens of people go hungry every day.

At the end of the speech, Pope Francis urged everyone to reflect on his sayings and to try and follow it. Even though many social contexts pose as a barrier to conviviality, it is our duty to overstep it and truly embrace family values. He held up his hands and prayed that everybody gets back on the true path of Christianity.

After finishing his speech, he got down to greet pilgrims from Denmark, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, Ghana, USA, Latin America, Spain, and many other countries.


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