Religious Garments Ban Sparks College Protests in India

Colleges in Karnataka, India, have started banning the use of any religious garment not explicitly called for in their dress code. This prevents Muslim

Protest Ensues After Two Women Under Age 50 Enter the Sabarimala Temple

Hindu nationalists are hell bent to scuttle the Supreme Court judgment. Two women devotees, Kanakadurga and Bindu, created history in Kerala, the south Indian

Real Sun Worshippers: Solar Deities Through History [Infographic]

This colorful and detailed infographic presents solar deities from different cultures and belief systems. We live in a heliocentric universe, and it is no

Hindu Ritual performed as part of Martin Luther King, Jr. Interfaith Service in Nevada

From left to right, Jim R. Eaglesmith, Angela D. Taylor, Rajan Zed, Dolores Feemster, Gene Savoy Junior, Rebecca Willis, Michael Hernandez, Second Baptist Church

Vishnu Beer

Upset Hindus urge withdrawal of Lord Vishnu beer of Brazil

Upset Hindus have urged Brazil based Cervejaria Colorado to apologize and withdraw its India Pale Ale beer carrying the name of Lord Vishnu, calling

American Diwali Celebrations

Diverse American Celebrations of Diwali Scheduled in Boston and Iowa

Renowned religious statesman Rajan Zed recognizes and commends two celebrations of Diwali that prove the diverse practices of this international holiday. Boston Museum of

Vatican Museums Display Replica of Temple to This Hindu God

Collections of Vatican Museums reportedly include a portable temple of Hindu God Vishnu. This colorful 18th century Vishnu temple reportedly folds and unfolds revealing many

HIndu Prayer Maryland

Hindu mantras open Maryland’s Laurel City Council 1st time in 144 years

Just before the Laurel City Council Hindu invocation, from left to right, are — Council member Valerie Nicholas, Council member Michael Leszcz, Council president

HIndu Prayer House of Representatives

US House of Representatives to open with Hindu prayer

Rajan Zed, Hindu statesman, gives a prayer at the Alaska House of Representatives in 2009. United States House of Representatives in Washington DC will

Yoga Room Terminal 2 Heathrow

Hindus Criticize absence of Yoga Room at new Heathrow Airport Terminal 2

Slipstream, a sculpture by Richard Wilson, is suspended in the entryway of Terminal 2 in Britain's Heathrow Airport. The Hindu community is displeased with