Religious Freedom Endangered by Rise in Blasphemy Law Use Led by Pakistan

Blasphemy law use on rise, led by Pakistan: US group (via AFP) Governments around the world are increasingly invoking blasphemy laws, with Pakistan by

Zion Hill Seth Pickens

Pastor of Los Angeles Baptist Church Defends LGBTQ and Gains Support from Local Atheists

Pastor Seth Pickens of Zion Hill Baptist Church, located in the southern part of Los Angeles, has come under fire after performing a union

Muslim Woman Forced to Take Off Headscarf in New Jersey Factory

Muslim woman says Saddle Brook factory managers demanded she remove headscarf. (via BROOK — A Muslim woman has filed a complaint claiming she

Religious Hostilities

Religious Violence, Discrimination, Intolerance at an All-Time High in Some Countries

Religious intolerance is at an all time high with many people around the world suffering from acts of hatred. Never before has violence and

Non-Believers Can be Executed in 13 Countries Around the World, Report Says

A disturbing new report from the International Humanist and Ethical Union, which is based in London, details how atheism is punishable by death in

Blacks Get Priesthood

Mormon Church Condemns Past Racist Behavior and Beliefs in New Statement

Mormons share their experiences when the ban on African Americans in the priesthood was lifted. Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Creates Vatican Committee to Prevent Child Abuse

Pope Francis has established a Vatican committee to protect children from child abuse, it has been reported. The announcement was made in a statement

Hindu Gods Shown on Beer Labels

Beer Artwork Leaves A Bitter Taste in Hindu Mouths

Brookvale Union Brewery, an Australian brewing company and Asheville Brewing Company in Asheville, North Carolina have come under scrutiny for depicting religious Hindu deities

Gap "Make Love" Ad

“Love” Ad Sparks Hate Crime Against Sikh Model

Seeing graffiti in tunnels and subways is not an uncommon sight in NYC but it is quite unusual to witness a flared up cultural

PA Methodist Pastor Suspended

PA Methodist Pastor Leaves Position After Performing Same-Sex Marriage for Son, Becoming Gay Rights Advocate

A United Methodist pastor from Pennsylvania who presided over his son’s marriage to another man was stripped of his authority for thirty days this