First Black Female Speedskater Maame Biney Thanks God For Success

First Black Female Speedskater Maame Biney Thanks God For Success

First Black Female Speedskater Maame Biney Thanks God For Success
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Credits Faith With Her Success in Skating

Maame Biney, the short track speedskater representing the United States in the Olympics being held in South Korea, automatically brings a smile to every person who knows her or even observes her from a distance. It is hard not to, as she is always seen to smiling. The 18-year-old has already made history as the first black woman from the US to compete in the speedskating Olympic event. Her Instagram profile says that the permanent smile on her face does not mean her life is perfect. It simply means that she appreciates what she already has and the boons that the Almighty had given her.

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Her coaches understand the power of her smile. Many have said that Biney’s smile could lighten any glum mood. Her giggle has captivated Olympic audiences. Her joyous demeanor has helped her to progress fast in her sports career even though she is relatively young. Her laugh is her identifier and it was clear that she was extremely thrilled to participate in the Olympics. Biney posted a lengthy update on her Instagram page thanking the audience for their support. Her Instagram post started by thanking the Almighty. She then wrote that none of what she has achieved would have been possible if God has not willed it to be so. She said that God gave her father the strength to be awake every morning so that he could take her to speed skating practice. She concluded by saying that she wants to thank God for providing him the passion so that he could help his daughter with her passion.

Biney’s struggles become more real as she was Ghanaian born, and only moved to the United States when she was five years old. She lives with her father Kweku Biney in Reston. Va. Her speed skating career began when her father noticed a sigh which advertised skating lessons. He asked Biney whether she wanted to join. She said yes and became an instant success.

Biney’s original wish was to be a figure skater. Her coach, however, has other ideas. He told the father-daughter duo that she was too fast for figure skating and should take up speedskating instead. She agreed and it paid off. Biney became second in the qualifying heat in women’s 500-meter. The position was sufficient for her to progress to quarterfinals. She described the race as a nerve-wracking one.


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