Upcoming Documentary Attempts To Prove Trump Was Selected By God

MATT JOHNSON is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Liberty University is working with a NC-based studio to release The Trump Prophecy in the fall.

The faculty of Liberty University and its students are co-working to create The Trump Prophecy. The movie is based on the ideology of Mark Taylor. Mark Taylor has claimed God spoke to him and told him numerous prophecies, including that Trump would become president. Taylor even wrote a book, The Trump Prophecies: The Astonishing True Story of the Man Who Saw Tomorrow… and What He Says Is Coming Next… The film will be shown in a few cinemas across the United States on October 2 and 4. The film cost $2 million dollars. It is a partnership between the cinematic art department of Liberty University and ReelWorks Studios.

Rick Eldridge has produced the film and leads the production. He has used his own company, the Charlotte-headquartered ReelWorks Studios. Approximately 56 students of Liberty University, along with a few university personnel from the cinematic arts department of the Virginia Christian school will work on this task as a component of a film project during the spring semester.

Stephen Schultze, who heads the cinema program of Liberty and is also directing The Trump Prophecy,” told the media the film does not endorse Trump. It primarily represents an opportunity for film students to pick up actual filming experience. It is unclear how a movie that claims Trump was selected by God is not a political movie.

The film has its fair share of critics. Many Liberty students have criticized the project. Some film students argue they are being forced into a project they disagree with in order to gain film experience.

Other students are complaining the school should not be associating itself with Mark Taylor. While Mark Taylor was correct about Trump becoming president he has been wrong about many of his other prophecies. For example, one states Ex-President Barack Obama will be charged with treason or that Trump will release cures for Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.


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