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Kesha Performs “Praying” on ‘Good Morning America’

Kesha Good Morning America
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Powerful new Kesha song asks age-old questions about a higher power

I hope you’re somewhere prayin’, prayin’
I hope your soul is changin’, changin’
I hope you find your peace
Falling on your knees, prayin’

These are words from the chorus of Kesha’s first single in four years, “Praying.” The comeback artist performed the song on Good Morning America, inspiring the audience with her soulful and emotion-filled crooning. The song has a special significance to Kesha, describing the song in a related article as “about coming to feel empathy for someone else even if they hurt you or scare you.” She goes on to say, “It’s a song about learning to be proud of the person you are even during low moments when you feel alone. It’s also about everyone, even someone who hurt you, can heal.”

Kesha Performs “Praying” on ‘Good Morning America'[/tweetthis]

Kesha also says that in the darkest of moments, we are often forced to turn to something outside our individual selves, turning to prayer. She also discusses her belief in God: “For me, God is not a bearded man sitting in the clouds or a judgmental, homophobic tyrant waiting to send everyone to eternal damnation. God is nature and space and energy and the universe.”

After the song, Kesha sat down for a short interview. She said that she felt so loved, and had so many emotions going through her backstage. The singer recounts near tears how deeply personal the song is to her.


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