Book Review The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled by Jonathan Cahn

Oracle-Jubilean-Mysteries-UnveiledThe latest book from Jonathan Cahn is a fascinating presentation of the correlations of biblical prophecy and the establishment of the modern-day nation of Israel. Using an almost Socratic Method, a dialogue takes place between the Oracle and a “seeker after truth” that reveals what Cahn calls the Jubilean Mysteries.

His introduction reads: “What you are about to read is presented in the form of a narrative, but what is contained in the story, all that the Oracle reveals, is absolutely real.”

Jonathan Cahn is a Messianic Jewish Rabbi and pastor and explains what he calls the Jubilean Mysteries, as first introduced in the Old Testament, Book of Leviticus. In the year of the Jubilee “that which was lost is restored” and this Jubilee happens every 50 years. From the beginning Cahn traces the various prophecies in the Old Testament which lead to the founding of the nation of Israel.

One by one, Cahn explains the mysteries: “the Stranger,” an American that will surprise you; the British engineer, who measures out the biblical foundations of the Temple Mount and of Jerusalem itself fulfilling prophecy of a sign of a restoration; the Ottoman Land Code, which made it possible for Jews to buy land in what was then still Palestine; the founding of political “Zionism” by Theodor Herzl in Paris; the Balfour Declaration in England that would set the stage for the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people.

All of these facts are known in history. The continuing story of US President Harry Truman, the United Nations, the naming of the new state, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the 1967 War, are all included in Cahn’s book.

But Cahn ties these events together with the prophecies from the Bible in a way that seems fantastic, while explaining that just because they seem so fantastic, this is the proof that a super-human intention must be involved.

Most amazing are the dates involved. Returning to the concept of a Jubilee every 50 years, Cahn makes the case for the history he recounts as being to a divine plan, going back thousands of years. In every chapter, we discover the dates that correspond to these historical events and how they relate to each other and to the Jubilee.

Cahn brings his narrative right up to present day, with several chapters about Donald Trump and his relationship to the Israeli homeland.

Cahn saves his biggest revelations for last, with truly a surprise ending, where he leads us into the future with his predictions on where all of this prophecy and history is taking us.

As his “seeker” says: “An ancient mystery that determines the course of world history…I never would have thought anything like that could be possible…but it’s real…and it touches everything from kings, to presidents, empire, superpowers, down to the most minute details…And everything happens to happen in the exact way, at the exact place, and at the exact time.”

The book is a fascinating read with a truly unique viewpoint.

Jonathan Cahn is the author of previous New York Times bestsellers, including The Harbinger.