Gods Doors Open to All

Colorful Rainbow Church Sign Declares: “God’s Doors are Open…

Newman Congregational Church in Rhode Island is displaying a unified message that supports same-sex equality. In front of Read More

Martyrdom OfT he Bab

Baha’is Commemorate Martyrdom of the Bab on July 9

Beginning July 9, Baha’is will commemorate the 158th anniversary of the Bab’s martyrdom. This week, on July 9, Read More

Unorthodox Taoist Priest Liang Xingyang Attacks U.S. Official’s Statement…

Xingyang is offended by Daniel Russel's use of the concept of feng shui, an ancient Taoist tradition. Last Read More

American Patriotism

Survey: American patriotism is strong but increasingly troubled

Being “truly American” means speaking English, believing in God, being born in the United States, and being Christian. Read More

Oklahoma State Capitol

Court Rules Ten Commandment Monument in Oklahoma is Unconstitutional

Angry conservatives are crying for the impeachment of the justices who ordered the monument be removed. Installed in Read More

Thich Nhat Hanh has Made “Remarkable Progress” in Stroke…

Thich Nhat Hanh's determination and strength of will has been both amazing and important as he has worked Read More

Episcopal Church Welcomes Same-Sex Wedding Ceremonies in their Churches

Twelve years after they sparked a divide in the global Anglican denomination after electing Gene Robinson, an openly Read More

Amit Shah: Hindu Religion Has Solutions for All Problems

Controversial Indian politician Amit Shah praises Hinduism. Amit Shah is a well-known man in the political world in Read More

Utah Pride Festival 2013

Mormons Attend Utah Pride Festival in Support of Equality

Mormons showed up in full force to the Utah Pride Festival joining the other participants in a celebration Read More

Vatican USA Flag

Vatican Releases Tax Information to US Investigation

Amid scandals of money laundering & tax evasion, the Vatican has agreed to submit financial information to the Read More