Religious News From Around the Web July 27, 2020

Biden Would Revoke Muslim Ban, Virtual Chaplains Help Oncology Patients, Dangerous Shinto Celebrations, Jewish History in Europe, Latest Supreme Court Ruling Goes Against Church,

The Unknown Catholics of Samos Island

The Short Story The calendars would write “Year 1900” when three French Catholic monks of the African Mission would arrive for the first time

The Funeral of President George H.W. Bush

Former President and Patriot George H.W. Bush Honored at Ceremonial Funeral

A week of mourning was capped off with two religious funeral services spanning two states on Wednesday and Thursday. Former President George H.W. Bush,

Rabbi Michael Shevack ReJEWvenate

Re-JEW-venating Civilization by Rabbi Michael Shevack

Rabbi Michael Shevack says in order to join together as one, the world must start understanding Jews. As discussed in article #1 in this

Rabbi Michael Shevack War or Warned

‘War or Warned,’ by Rabbi Michael Shevack

Rabbi Michael Shevack asks: Will the good and noble religions of the world stand up? This is a call, not quite desperate yet, but

Aharon Appelfeld, Literary Giant Who Gave Vivid Voice to Holocaust, Dies at 85

Award Winning Holocaust Author, Aharon Appelfeld, Dies at 85

Aharon Appelfeld has 47 books to his name One of Israel's most talented writers, Aharon Appelfeld, 85, died on January 4. He had won

Trump is the First President to Skip Visiting Holocaust Monument Since 1989

President Trump did not visit the Warsaw Ghetto Monument. US President Donald Trump came under criticism by Jewish Polish leaders when he did not

Catholic-Majority Puerto Rico Celebrates 100 Years of U.S. Citizenship

Some key information on Puerto Ricans in anticipation of their 100th year of citizenship. As Puerto Rico enters its 100th year of American citizenship,

Man who Defied Hitler is Officially Recognized as Martyr by Pope Francis and Beatified

Joseph Mayr-Nusser, killed for refusing to swear an oath to Hitler, has been beatified. Joseph Mayr-Nusser, an Italian who refused to take the oath

Rabbis Arrested in Protest of Muslim Ban at Trump Hotel

18 rabbis were arrested protesting outside Trump Hotel. Guests and visitors at the Trump International Hotel in New York witnessed 18 rabbis being arrested