#NotInMyName #JeSuisCharlie #JeSuisAhmed – The Muslim World Responds To The Paris Attack On Twitter

Muslims from around the world take to Twitter to condemn the Paris attack... Coin ! : @HabibiMommy: #NotInMyName #NotInMyReligion #JeSuisCharlie #NotInTheNameOfIslam pic.twitter.com/Mf4qo4PYTM— Le Canard

Ferguson Way to Happiness

Do You Think a Moral Code Can Restore Peace in Ferguson, MO?

In areas of instability, unrest, crime and violence, one element underlies the visible problems: the decline or absence of morality. Distribution of The Way

Victims of Violence in Central African Republic Require More Assistance

Concerns are growing within the international community, as the situation between Muslim and Christian militias grows more serious in the Central African Republic. There

Religious Freedom Endangered by Rise in Blasphemy Law Use Led by Pakistan

Blasphemy law use on rise, led by Pakistan: US group (via AFP) Governments around the world are increasingly invoking blasphemy laws, with Pakistan by

Religious Hostilities

Religious Violence, Discrimination, Intolerance at an All-Time High in Some Countries

Religious intolerance is at an all time high with many people around the world suffering from acts of hatred. Never before has violence and

Myanmar Damage

Violent Disputes Between Muslims and Buddhists Continue to Rock Myanmar

Damages throughout the past year of violence in Myanmar A coastal town near Thandwe in Myanmar, where the president was scheduled to visit on

PeaceMakers Film

Documentary on Violence in America, Sparked by Wisconsin Sikh Shooting, Raising Funds on Kickstarter

Visit 'The Peacemakers' Kickstarter Project Documentary filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka's newest project, PeaceMakers is a film that examines the problem of violence in America. The

Eastern Orthodox Leaders Convene

Eastern Orthodox Leaders Convene to Pray for an End to Violence

Heads and representatives of the Eastern Orthodox religion have issued a statement in the defence of their “Christian brothers” throughout the world who are