American Pastors Argue if Trump Impeachment Spark Civil War

Would Impeaching Trump Start a Civil War?

A move by several House Democrats to sign a bill advocating for the impeachment of President Trump has sparked multiple reactions across the US,

Religious Leaders React to 9-11

Christians Helping Heal Wounds of September 11th

September 11 has remained to be a historic day in the lives of many Americans. Sixteen years after the bombing of the World Trade

Church with empty pews

#EmptyThePews Advocates Quitting Church to Protest Trump

Protests on Twitter about lack of Rebuke by Religious Leaders A new Twitter hashtag #EmptyThePews has become the rallying cry against inaction by church

President Trump Speaking

Meeting With Trump Cancelled by Jewish Groups

Reaction to President's Response to Hate Groups American Jews have once again made their displeasure towards Donald Trump known by not organizing the traditional

Steve Bannon Portrait

Why Are Steve Bannon’s Religious Beliefs So Mysterious?

Political Strategist Combines Several Theories to Promote Unique View of Catholicism Steve Bannon, a name that that creates intense hatred or adulation. Known as

Empty Church

Trump’s Comments Causing Exodus from Religious Council

Reverand AR Barnard leaves over conflict with Trump Rev. A.R. Bernard, who leads the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, has resigned from President Trump’s

United States Judge Blocks Deportation of Iraqis

Iraqi Nationals Successfully Argue About Fear of Religious Prosecution A United States Federal Judge has temporarily stopped the deportation of Iraqis from the United

Most of America’s Terrorists are Not Muslim, They’re White

White supremacy is the leading terrorist ideology in the USA now. According to a recent survey, more terror attacks and plans are carried out

Catholic Bishops in UK Call Out Trump on Reversal of Cuba Policy

Catholics and Baptists oppose Trump’s decision to roll back Obama-time policies on Cuba-US ties. US Bishops are coming togetherto request the president to reconsider

Christian Leaders Oppose Franklin Graham’s Participation in Festival of Hope

Christian Leaders Oppose Franklin Graham’s Participation in Festival of Hope

Religious leaders sign letter opposing Franklin Graham's participation in the Festival of Hope. A number of Catholics and Evangelical Christians have openly declared their