Missouri Satanic abortion

Satanist Wins Case Saying Abortion Law Violates Her Religious Beliefs

Missouri's abortion laws go against the First Amendment. An anonymous Missouri woman, identified only as Mary Doe in public court documents, has won a

Destruction of Arkansas Ten Commandments Monument Forces Satanic Temple to Postpone Lawsuit

The Satanic Temple is dropping charges, but vows to resume the lawsuit if the monument is installed again. https://youtu.be/5EvPYmNX_kw On June 28, a monument

Satanic Temple Monument Will Honor War Veterans of Minnesota

Minnesota town will have the nation’s first public Satanic Temple monument. The Satanic Temple will for the first time be legally allowed to erect

Satanic Temple Voices Concern Against Corporal Punishment in Schools

Religious group comes out against physical abuse in the name of discipline. The Satanic Temple is fighting a school district in the Fort Worth,

The Satanic Temple Fights Arkansas’ Attempt to Block Capitol Monument, Demands Public Hearing

After Arkansas House passed a Bill to block Satanic monument request, Satanist organization issues legal demand for public hearing The Satanic Temple (TST), an

Arkansas Passes Bill to Block Satanic Temple Statue

Arkansas makes last minute moves to prevent The Satanic Temple's Baphomet statue on Capitol grounds. The Rep. Kim Hammer proposed House Bill 1273, which

The Satanic Temple’s Valentine’s Day Fundraising Campaign to Support Reproductive Rights Lawsuits

Hugs and Kisses for Satan is The Satanic Temple’s Valentine's Day fundraiser for reproductive rights. The Satanic Temple (TST) has filed a state and

Satanic Temple Statue is One Step Closer to Installation on AR Capitol Ground

Government cannot discriminate between religions, says Satanic Temple. A Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission subcommittee has formally granted its approval for a public hearing

Religious Freedom According to Major World Religions

How different religious groups feel about religious freedom. January 16 is Religious Freedom Day, a day when we celebrate the right to practice religion

Satanists Oppose Texas Law to Conduct Burial for Aborted Fetuses

Satanists Oppose Texas Law to Conduct Burial for Aborted Fetuses

The Satanic Temple is fighting against a new law in Texas requiring burial services for abortions or miscarriages. Texas’ new law that an abortion