Mercedes Benz Apologizes for Promotional Post Quoting Dalai Lama

Mercedes-Benz Apologizes for Promotional Post Quoting Dalai Lama

The offending material was in the form of an Instagram post An apology was made to China by the vehicle maker Mercedes-Benz for quoting

Vatican and China Bishops

Vatican and China are Patching Up Dispute Over Bishops

The Asian country remains the last spiritual challenge for the Vatican The Vatican and the People's Republic of China have reached an agreement to

Giant Church Shaped Like Glass Slipper Hopes to Attract Women

A giant glass slipper tourist attraction church has made its mark in Taiwan Taiwan has a new attraction: a church made entirely of glass.

Longshan Temple, Taipei, Taiwan

Old Yet Powerful – Taoism

Rooted deeply in the Chinese customs and worldview, Taoism is an ancient tradition of religious beliefs and philosophies that emphasize living in harmony with