Shinto hiring male maiden

Male Maiden at Shinto Temple?

The lack of punctuation resulted in this hilarious error Japanese social media went aflutter when one person posted a photo of a large poster

Buddhist Monk Mummified and Covered In Gold

Beloved Buddhist Monk Fu Hou was enshrined in gold and placed near the temple to be worshipped. A Chinese monk who breathed his last

Jain Shrine

500-Year-Old Jain Shrine Meticulously Restored at the Nelson-Atkins Museum

photo: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Historians at the Nelson-Atkins Museum have finally unearthed a centuries old Jain Shrine. A Jain shrine dating from 16th century

Ise Shrine

Japan’s Holiest Shrine Suddenly Breaks This One Centuries Old Tradition

Ise Jingu, Japan's holiest Shinto shrine, breaks tradition and opens its doors to members of every religion to witness one of its oldest rituals. The Ise Shrine (Ise