New Study On Science and Religion Called into Doubt

The Templeton Foundation Fund Impartially Questioned There has been continued tension between science and religion. Elaine Howard Ecklund and Christopher P. Scheitle wrote a


New Atheists Are Just as Dangerous as Religious Extremists, Says Columnist

Columnist compares New Atheists to religious extremists and asserts they are equally dangerous. Heather Denkmire, a writer for Bangor Daily News, has made the

Atheist Harris and ex-Radical Islamist Nawaz Argue that Islam Has Not Been Successful in Modernizing

A dialog between a former Islamist radical Maajid Nawaz and a famous atheist Sam Harris. Maajid Nawaz, an ex-Islamist, and Sam Harris, a confirmed

What is the Problem with New Atheism?

How New Atheism can be saved from Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. According to the latest survey by Pew Research Center, the number of

Bill Maher Ben Affleck

Bill Maher gets unexpected support from religious conservatives over recent anti-Islamic remarks

Last week, actor Ben Affleck took issue with Bill Maher’s remarks about Islam during an appearance on Maher’s show, Real Time. The interesting development