Facebook Russia

Russian Facebook Ads Targeted Christian Voters

Attorneys for Facebook, Twitter and Google were present for a Federal hearing this week on the matter. Russia has been accused of creating strife

Tensions Mount Over New Jehovah's Witness Ban in South Ossetia

Europe Divided on Religious Persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Russian Ally South Ossetia Ban's Jehovah's Witnesses While Western Europe Continues To Condemn Actions There is increasing tension on religious persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses

U.N. Calls For Release of Jehovah's Witness In Kazakhstan

U.N. Demands Immediate Release of Jehovah’s Witness in Kazakhstan

United Nations Calls Arrest and Detention of Teymur Akhmedov a Violation of Religious Freedom. The U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) called on

Russia Facebook Ads

Russian Facebook Ads Show the Divisions in America Based on Race and Religion

Kremlin played both sides of the political divide According to reports by The Washington Post, Facebook ads from the time of U.S. presidential elections

Church of Scientology Moscow

Russian Human Rights Activist Asks Putin to Reverse Arrest of Scientologists

A Russian Human Rights Activist is calling on Putin to come to the aid of five Scientologists arrested in St. Petersburg. Russian headquarters for


Scientology Presentation to Working Session 9 at the OSCE – ODIHR Human Dimension Implementation Meeting of 2017

Action is urgently needed against Russia for its violation of human rights. Warsaw, Poland • Oral presentation at the Organization for Security and Co-operation


Regarding Discrimination on Scientology and Others in the Russian Federation

Scientology Presentation to Working Session 6 at the OSCE - ODIHR Human Dimension Implementation Meeting of 2017 Warsaw, Poland • Oral presentation at the

Russia Continues to Destory Religious Freedom

Stunning Destruction of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Religious Rights in Russia

Denomination appeals ban by Supreme Court The story of religious freedom, a core concept of human rights and internationally recognized in the Universal Declaration

Jehovah Witnesses Russia

This is What It’s Like to Be a Jehovah’s Witness in Russia

Russian Jehovah's Witnesses struggle to keep their faith and worship. The current Russia ruled by Putin is an Orthodox-based state. This has brought about

NWT Bible Banned in Russia

Russian Court Bans Jehovah’s Witness Bible

Yesterday a Russian city banned the Bible, going against Putin's law on extremist activity. Russia's Vyborg City Court yesterday banned the New World Translation