The Origins and Similarities of Halloween, All Saints’ Day, Samhain and Reformation Day

The relationship between Halloween, Samhain, Reformation Day and All Saints' Day Despite being commemorated around the same period of the year by different groups

Why Pope Francis' Trip to Sweden is A Really Big Deal

Why Pope Francis’ Trip to Sweden is A Really Big Deal

Pope Francis will travel to Sweden for a joint commemoration of the Reformation. There was once a time when Europe was torn violently apart

The Church of Scotland Supports Same-Sex Marriages for Ministers

Church of Scotland's General Assembly voted in favor of allowing gay ministers to marry. The Church of Scotland, also informally known as “The Kirk,”

Pope Sweden

Pope Francis Heading to Sweden to Celebrate Reformation

The Pope Will Attend the 500th Anniversary of Reformation in Sweden In an effort to forge Christian unity, Pope Francis apologized for all the

After Years of Division, Lutherans and Catholics Will Unite for Reformation Anniversary

After centuries of division the two groups will come together for Reformation Anniversary. Lutherans and Catholics have agreed to celebrate, together, the Reformation Anniversary,

Church Painting of Judas Survived by Being Turned Around

A recently uncovered church painting of Judas in England escaped destruction and is extremely rare. A medieval era church painting, conserved by Fitzwilliam Museum

Protestants Celebrate Martin Luther on Reformation Day

The anniversary of Martin Luther's 95 Theses is celebrated on Reformation Day. Though the date of October 31 is most widely known as the

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Conservative Christians Flock to Kansas Conference to Discuss Homosexuality and the Bible

Approximately 50 Christians from around the nation have come to Kansas for a conference on the Bible and same-sex relationships, prompted by a Wichita