Deepa Iyer

Multiracial People are Improving America, but Suffering Life of Racism

Featured Contributors Joseph Preville and Julie Poucher Harbin interview author of We Sing Too America, Deepa Iyer, who discusses racism faced by multiracial people

Has Hipster Christianity lost its cool?

The Cool Churches: sermons held in bars and other "cool places" has lost its appeal. In 2010, Brett McCracken published his book Hipster Christianity:

Religious ‘Nones’ Cultivate their Own Sense of Community Without Churches

Nones are finding ways to meet that are secular in nature To say it aloud and wrap it in a religious setting probably brings

PEW Report: How Americans Feel About Religious Groups

Jews, Catholics & Evangelicals Rated Warmly, Atheists and Muslims More Coldly This piece originally appeared on Jews, Catholics and evangelical Christians are viewed

Hispanic Religious Identity Changing

Religious Identity of Hispanics in the US is Moving Away from Catholicism

A new report from the PEW Religion & Public Life Project supports the increasing shift in religious identity within America. This time the focus