A Surge of British Jews Affected by Holocaust are Trying to Move to Germany

Religious News from around the web October 19, 2020

Same-Sex Marriage Going Away? Washington's Lt. Gov Becoming a Priest, Orthodox Jews Defy COVID restrictions, She Became a Jew and Discovered Anti-Semitism, Why Amy

Religious News From Around the Web, Dec 30th 2019

Amish Eviction, Religious Freedom Violators, Daf Yomi? China Bans Christmas, Church vs. State, Video: Incarceration of Chinese Uighurs, Taoism and Star Wars Michigan County

Former Priest Says to Save The Church It Must ‘Abolish the Priesthood’

6 Types of Unique Garments Explained

Six Religions that have distinguishing dress codes and the symbolism behind them. It is quite difficult to identify an individual’s faith based on appearance


The word “reincarnation” derives from Latin, literally meaning, “entering the flesh again.” The common definition of reincarnation has been altered from its original meaning.

20,000 Israelis March in Jerusalem Pride Parade

Orthodox Jews protested against the march Approximately 20,000 Israelis took part in Jerusalem's gay pride event under tight-knit police protection. The march line extended

New Study Shows Divide Among Orthodox Jews

New Study Uncovers Unexpected Divide in Orthodox Jews

Split Occurring Along Generational Lines According to a recent piece of research, the American Orthodox Jewish millennial is moving away from his/her Orthodox traditions.

Orthodox Jews military

Ultra-Orthodox Exemption from Military Service in Israel Removed

Israel's Supreme Court decision a blow to the Netanyahu regime The Supreme Court in Israel during the second week of September canceled the arrangement

Orthodox Jew Reading Torah

See the Loopholes To All Commandments For Orthodox Jews

Adjustments made to fit Modern Life Orthodox Jews are restricted to a strict set of laws and ethics guided by the Torah. Over the

London Jewish Schools Have Removed Images of Women from Reading Books

London Jewish Schools Have Removed Images of Women from Reading Books

Images of Women have been altered or erased from Jewish School Books. According to reports from inspectors at the Office for Standards in Education,

Decline in Jewish Americans Paints a Bleak Picture for American Culture

There has been quite a decline in the U.S. Jewish community that has been raising many concerns for American society. The American Jewish community,