Sikhs Celebrate Turban Day in Times Square

Sikhs hold turban tying event to educate Americans about their faith. Even as American Muslims have been bearing the brunt of the crimes by

Sikhs Spreading Awareness With New Ad Campaign Starting Today

A million dollar ad campaign will be used to educate the American public about Sikhs. Sikhs in America will be launching an awareness campaign

Sikhs Appear on ‘The Daily Show’ to Combat Islamophobia

The Daily Show takes it to the streets to educate people about Sikhs. The Daily Show is an American late-night talk and news satire

Sikh People Raise Astonishing $80,000 to Fight Hate

National Sikh Campaign plans to educate the U.S. about the Sikh faith and to end misguided hate crimes. Many people in the world have

National Sikh Campaign Members

60% of Americans know nothing about Sikh Americans

National Sikh Campaign publishes survey results showing the majority of Americans have no knowledge about Sikh Americans. Having lived on American soil for over