Pope Francis is Concerned with ‘Dangerous’ U.S. – Russia Partnership

"The G20 worries me" -Pope Francis In an interview with La Repubblica, Pope Francis has expressed concern about the alliance between the U.S. and

6 Big-Time Clergy Are Praying at Trump’s Inauguration

Franklin Graham, Timothy Dolan, Paula White are among those will pray at Trump's inauguration ceremony. President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony is going to be

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Proposes Nationwide Burka Ban

Germany's Chancellor calls for a ban on the Muslim burka because it is not part of German society. Only a couple months after the

Holocaust Museum Responds to White Nationalist Conference Hate Speech

Museum warns that the Holocaust began with words, not with killings. For members of the National Policy Institute (NPI), it was an event celebrating

Pope Francis Rescues 12 Syrian Refugees in Migrant Crisis

Pope Francis Rescues 12 Syrian Refugees in Migrant Crisis

Pope's Humanity: Three Syrian families given asylum in Rome. Pope Francis's visit to the Greek Island of Lesbos, last Saturday, to meet with migrants,