Washington National Cathedral Achieves the Status of “Megachurch”

The Washington National Cathedral has achieved the status of “megachurch” by streaming their religious services online through the pandemic lockdowns over the last two

Disgraced Megachurch Pastor Bill Hybels Retires Early

Disgraced Megachurch Pastor Bill Hybels Retires Early

Willow Creek Creator Will Step Down Almost Immediately Pastor Bill Hybel has faced accusations of sexual misconduct for decades. However, this most recent report

China destroys second Christian Church in less than a month

China Strikes Fear in Christians Destroying Another Church

This is the second church demolished in less than a month. A church in Northern China has been demolished, spreading fear among Christians[/tweetit] in

Joel Osteen Criticized for Temporarily Closing Church

Joel Osteen Criticized for Temporarily Closing Church Instead of Using It as a Shelter for Hurricane

After backlash, the church tweeted Tuesday they had started receiving people into the church. Joel Osteen, the permanently smiling pastor has canceled services usually

Alabama Megachurch Could Be First to Have Its Own Police Force

Briarwood Presbyterian Church says it's needs it's own police force to protect it's congregation In medieval Europe, it wasn't uncommon for the Church to

Go to Church on New Year’s Day and This Church Will Pay Your Rent

New Light Christian Center Church says they'll pay your rent or mortgage if you show up on New Year's Day. A church in Texas

Megachurch Preachers Are the Hosts of this New Talk Show

The Preachers: Fox's new talk show with Megachurch Pastors. Four megachurch pastors are getting a chance to bring their thoughts, opinions and experiences to

Ulf Eckman

European Megachurch Pastor Converts to Catholicism

Megachurch pastor converts to Catholicism with announcement that shocks his congregation. Earlier this year, megachurch leader Ulf Ekman, who was the head of the