#MenInHijab: Iranian Men Post Selfies Wearing Hijabs to Protest Veiling Law

Iranian men are showing support with women against the hijab law. Iranians are protesting the conservative laws of the country that restrict a woman's

Bill Targets CA Christian Colleges Transgender Discrimination

Proposed bill will put an end to anti-LGBT discrimination by Christian colleges in California. Two bills, Assembly Bill 1888 and Senate Bill 1146, are

App Helps Translate Talmud into Italian For the First Time

App Helps Translate Talmud into Italian For the First Time

An application helps translate over 5,000 pages of the Babylonian Talmud into Italian. On April 5, 2016, the very first Italian version of the

Mississippi Senate Passes Sweeping Anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Bill

Opponents of the bill call it the most discriminatory bill ever to be passed in the history of the United States. Discrimination has always

Catholic CA Governor Approves Right-to-Die Bill

California is now the 5th state to honor Dignity in Death, with the right-to-die-bill. Despite strong opposition from various pro-life organizations and religious groups,

What Makes a Religion a Religion Under Law?

A California court ruled that "Sun Worshipping Atheism" is not a religion and requires no accommodation based on its three-point religion checklist. In March

Austria Islam Law

Austria Passes A Controversial Law On Islam

The Austrian parliament has passed a law that is designed to prevent the funding of radical Islam within their nation. The law was proposed

Nebraska Anti-Discrimination Bill for the LGBT Loses to Filibuster

Recently in Nebraska an anti-discrimination law lost to a filibuster.  The law, LB485, was an LGBT anti-discrimination law that would protect members of the

Sexual Conduct Conviction Reversed for Catholic Priest

There is much controversy circulating around a recent court case concerning a Catholic priest and a series of alleged sexual misconduct occurrences with one