Why Jehovah’s Witnesses Go Door to Door and 11 Other Facts You Might Not Know

12 Things You Didn't Know About Jehovah's Witnesses. 1. Charles Taze Russell was among the Jehovah's Witnesses' first leaders and first editor of The

Religious Americans are Becoming More Accepting of Homosexuality

Many changes have occurred in American social and political attitudes, according to the latest Pew Research study. There have been many changes in idealism

Jacqueline Woods Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter and Jacqueline Woodson Share Their Views on Race, Religion and Rights

In their recent interview with New York Times’ Philip Galanes, Jimmy Carter and Jacqueline Woodson shared their early life memories and views on race,

Ray Pouncey

Firefighter Faces Workplace Hostilities Because of His Faith

A firefighter with the Hamden, CT fire department is suing the town and his fire chief after working in a "hostile work environment because of

Mandela by Paul Don Smith

What Did Nelson Mandela Actually Believe About Religion?

art: Paul Don Smith History is still unsure of what Nelson Mandela's exact beliefs were regarding God and religion. The religious beliefs of a