In Japan You Can Order A Priest on Amazon

In Japan You Can Order A Priest on Amazon

Rent a Buddhist monk online through Amazon in Japan. The days when technology and religion were at odds with each other are in the

A Blazing Return of Shinto Doll Souls to Heaven

Japanese Doll Memorial Celebration at the Shinto Shinmeisha Shrine. Every year, the Shinto Shinmeisha Shrine in Tokorozawa is home to a ceremony which brings

The Japanese Festival of the Dead: Obon

Rituals and traditions of the Buddhist Obon Festival. Obon or Bon is the Japanese festival celebrated to honor the dead and spirits of their


Ever Wonder What Some of Those Emojis Are? They Might Be Shinto Symbols

Shinto inspired emojis Shinto, a Japanese religion which dates back to the 8th century, is being spread to countless people around the world through

Fans Flock to Buddhist Statue, Inspired by Rugby Player

Thousands of fans have been visiting a Buddhist statue at Seki Zenkoji Temple that resembles Rugby player Ayumu Goromaru. A Japanese Buddha statue has