Teenage Boys Arrested for Sikh Temple Bombing in Germany

German police have arrested two teenage boys targeting Sikhs. The joyous occasion of a wedding turned into an evening of terror for about 200

Joseph Preville Peter OBrien

Is the Muslim Culture Being Embraced in Europe? [Interview]

Peter O’Brien dissects the debated topics of headscarves, terrorism, secularism and intra-European tensions in his new book The Muslim Question in Europe. Written by

Anti-Islam Movement PEGIDA Protests Across Europe

Anti-Islam Movement PEGIDA Protests Across Europe

Droves of new immigrants in Europe are creating tension and unrest throughout the continent. The arrival of thousands of immigrants from the Middle East

Chewy Spiced Crinkle Cookies for Christmas

Inspired by Catholic traditions, these spiced chewy cookies are a mix between lebkuchen, pfeffernussen, and crinkle cookies. Christmastime for Catholics is not only a

Dalai Lama on Refugee Crisis and U.K.’s Reaction to Migrants: Killing Must End

The Dalai Lama Addresses the European response to the latest wave of refugees and offers a solution to future migrant problems at an Oxford

Angelina Jolie, Pope Francis, Urge Countries to Respond to Syrian Refugee Crisis

Europe’s Syrian refugee crisis stirs controversy. Angelina Jolie and Pope Francis urge for compassion while Hungary builds a fence to keep refugees out. As

German Wedding

German Catholic Rule Helps Divorced & Homosexual Employees

The German Catholic Church voted to change a rule so that lay employees would not be fired for getting a divorce or a homosexual civil

Fears of Anti-Semitic Attacks Force Jewish Magazine to Go Incognito

More than 10,000 German Jews will now receive their monthly magazine, Jüdisches Berlin (Jewish Berlin), without the magazine’s distinctive logo on the envelope to