First Sikh Mayor of New Jersey

First Sikh Mayor of New Jersey Elected

Ravi Bhalla Will Be New Mayor of Hoboken The electoral victories on Tuesday included the election of Ravi Bhalla, the first Sikh mayor of

Pope Francis Offers Voting Advice to Americans

Pope Francis wants U.S. Catholic voters to "pray and choose in conscience" The political scene in the United States has blown up with the

51% of Americans Do Not Want an Atheist President

New Pew Research Center Survey on Faith and the 2016 Presidential Campaign GOP Candidates Seen As Religious – Except for Trump WASHINGTON, D.C. (Jan.

Mia Love: The First Black Woman Republican In Congress is Mormon

Mia Love made history this week as the first black female Republican to be elected to Congress. Love is also noteworthy because she is

Election Night 2014 Not a Win for Atheists, But Opens the Door For Future Atheist Politicians

The recent midterm election has proven that atheists have very little representation in government. As a voting bloc, they are often forced to vote

James Woods for Congress

James Woods Hopes to be First Open Atheist Elected to Congress [Video]

James Woods is the first openly atheist candidate to campaign for congress. After becoming blind at 26, he is driven by his passion for equality