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Dianetics is Still Needed and Timely After 73 Years

In the spring of 1950, the world was still digging itself out of the rubble of World War II, a conflict that had advanced

Lady depressed in the holidays

Holiday Blues? Let’s Change the Palette

Naturopathic practitioner provides simple tips to help take stress reduction into your own hands. It is not just children who look forward to Holidays

L. Ron Hubbard in Phoenix

Congratulations to the Church of Scientology on the Anniversary of Dianetics

L. Ron Hubbard founded the Scientology religion in 1952. But the beginning of the movement was actually the publication of Dianetics: The Modern Science


Why is May 9th So Important To Scientology?

May 9th is an important day for Scientologists for the following five reasons: 5 Reasons Why May 9 is Important to Scientologists[/tweetthis] 1. May

Linda Wieland Pastor Fesler

Scientology Pastor Brian Fesler Explains the Basics of Scientology in Interview [Video]

Pastor Brian Fesler attests to Scientology's practicability and workability in a new interview. Is it always refreshing to see a fellow Scientologist talk about

Wayne Hanson Scientology Life

Life After Death—What Scientology Did for Me

Scientologist Wayne Hanson recounts how a quote by the religion's founder helped him through the loss of his wife. From the time my wife

Scientology Social Media Celebrates L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics on its 67th Birthday

67 years after L. Ron Hubbard published the secular 'Dianetics,' the 1950 self-help best seller and precursor to the Scientology religion, the Church of

Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Scientologist David Aden on the therapeutic value of discarding piles of old, worn-out no-longer-needed things. It was time. We had planned our approach. We

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5 Reasons Why May 9 is Important to Scientologists

Scientologists celebrate May 9th as a special day. In fact, you could almost call May 9th a Scientology holiday. Here are five reasons this

Roberto Guerrero Dianetics

Did You Know Scientology Sponsored an Indy Car in 1988?

Nearly 30 years ago, Scientology sponsored racing driver Roberto Guerrero. In anticipation of the Indy 500 next month, Autoweek is counting down the "100