Why Does Facebook Not Want Catholic Content?

Why Did Facebook Block Catholic Content?

Zuckerberg Grilled About Facebook’s Official Policies Members of Congress questioned Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg about the social media giant's censorship of content

Five Years of Pope Francis: A Review

Five Years of Pope Francis: A Review

The successes and failures of the Pope Francis papacy Pope Francis brought in massive changes to the church after joining the papacy.[/tweetit] The world

The Latest Company Being Boycotted: Starbucks

Malaysian Muslims are boycotting Starbucks over their pro-LGBT views. Hardline conservative Muslim groups in Indonesia and Malaysia urge their countrymen to boycott Starbucks[/tweetit] after

Western Wall Prayer Protest Turns Violent

Haredi Jews attack women worshippers in mixed-gender prayer at the Western Wall. The Western Wall in Jerusalem is the holiest of Jewish sites. It

The Struggle to Find Secular Homeschooling Materials

The Struggle to Find Secular Homeschooling Materials

Secular homeschooling materials are in demand as the practice shifts away from a Christian majority. Children of the 60s created the homeschooling movement, citing

Jamila Bey: Not all Conservative Republicans are Christian

Atheist Jamila Bey illustrates through CPAC speech that being a Republican is about more than being a Christian and warns not to ignore secular

Reformation Project 2013

Conservative Christians Flock to Kansas Conference to Discuss Homosexuality and the Bible

Approximately 50 Christians from around the nation have come to Kansas for a conference on the Bible and same-sex relationships, prompted by a Wichita