Humanist Congregations Expecting a Surge in Growth for People Who Don’t Believe in God

A Sunday Assembly meeting, a popular secular group creating a communities in over 70 cities around the world. More than 25 percent of Americans

L Wieland Alejandro

Businessman Alejandro Uses Scientology to Overcome Barriers to Success

For Colombian businessman Alejandro, Scientology is all about helping people. Alejandro is a successful marketing professional and businessman in Bogotá, Colombia, now using his


In an Gesture of Unity, Muslims help Jews to Repair Damaged Synagogue

Recently, a Jewish congregation received a donation from a local Muslim group to rebuild the synagogue with a message of "Living Together." A Jewish

National Back to Church Sunday

National Back to Church Sunday expects 3.3 Million People to Attend This Weekend

National Back to Church Sunday® movement urges churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike to join in and worship with their community this Sunday, September 21. Back

Start A Micro-Church

What are Micro Churches and How Can You Start One Yourself?

photo: Neighborhood Church Micro churches are sprouting up and giving small, local communities a cozier place of worship. If there is one thing that