Orthodox Christians Are the Least Happy Compared to Other Religious Groups

The Most Unhappy Christian Group is the Eastern Orthodox

Over 400,000 people across the world participated in the research A working paper in 2015 brought into focus the disenchantment felt by Eastern Europeans

Dalai Lama Attacks Trump's America

Dalai Lama Attacks Trump’s America

Argues Against Nationalism and Message of Non-Violence The Dalai Lama, spiritual head of the Tibetan nation, speaking at the Five Fifty Forum being held

Tibet Buddhist Monastery

Chinese Government Acts To Limit Tibetan Religious Freedom

China Creates Indoctrination Program to replace Buddhist Teachings The Chinese government has recently declared a ruling over a Tibetan Buddhism center. The ruling has

Bon Jovi Dalai Lama

Bon Jovi Concerts in China Cancelled Because of Support for Tibet and Dalai Lama

A string of Bon Jovi's first-ever concerts in China have been nixed, presumably after the Culture Ministry discovered a photo of Bon Jovi with

Spiritual Not Religious Books

The 10 Best “Spiritual Not Religious” Books to Put on Your Reading List

As numbers of religiously unaffiliated climb, books are being written to address the "Spiritual Not Religious" crowd. More and more people are becoming religiously