France & America Have Radically Different Takes on Religion

Daniel Estrin, reporting for PRI, commented on the drastically different opinions between France and America regarding religion. France has recently grown a bad reputation when

Anti-Islam sentiment grows following Charlie Hebdo attacks

Paris attacks add fuel to Europe's Anti-Islam movements such as PEGIDA, as well as protests in Texas, U.S. After religiously motivated extremist attacks against

Vice 2015 Religious Prediction

‘VICE’ Has a Grim Prediction for Religion in 2015

A recent article from VICE analyzes the potentially dark future for religion. After a tumultuous 2014, what will 2015 bring for the world's religions?

Pope Francis Punch

Pope Francis clarifies his “punch” line about Charlie Hebdo

Pope Francis received immense backlash after he claimed that freedom of speech ought to be limited in regards to religion, and he had to

French Military Protect Jews

French soldiers protect synagogues after Charlie Hebdo attacks

To guard against more potential attacks after the assault on Charlie Hebdo, France has deployed soldiers to protect French synagogues. As antisemitic attacks rise

Malek Merabet

Brother of slain Muslim police officer delivers heartfelt eulogy [Video]

The brother of the Muslim police officer that was killed in the Charlie Hebdo attacks has spoken out. "My brother was Muslim and he

French Rally

Yesterday’s anti-terrorism march in France was the largest in its history

3.7 million joined in Paris Sunday to march against terrorism, marking the largest gathering in the history of France. The death toll of last

Charlie Hebdo Medics

Investigations Continue as World Supports Charlie Hebdo

Source: RT 12 dead and 4 critically injured in Wednesday terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo satire magazine offices in France. Police investigations continue. In

JeSuis Charlie Times Square

Many Rise to Support the Victims in the Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack

Muslims and artists respond to the Charlie Hebdo attacks and condemn the atrocious act of terror proving free speech will prevail. On January 7th,

Worldwide gatherings show solidarity after Charlie Hebdo terrorist killings

Demonstrators are rallying to show solidarity with France and support freedom of the press. Earlier today, three hooded gunman shouting "Allahu Akbar," an Islamic