British Court Recognizes Sharia Law in Historic Ruling

Divorces are now easier for wives trapped in Islamic marriages A British High Court has given recognition to some aspects of sharia law in

Piers Morgan walking in street

Piers Morgan Battles on Homosexuality in Intense TV Segment

Argues with Mike Davidson on Gay Conversion Piers Morgan, a television presenter on “Good Morning Britain,” is no new name when it comes to

Is There Life After Death? Some Atheists Hope So

Even some atheists believe in an afterlife. Despite the fact that the number of atheists has continued to increase globally, a recent survey indicated

Secularists in Britain Seek an End to “Unjustified Religious Privilege”

Secularists respond to report on Britain's religion and beliefs by requesting equal treatment for all, regardless of religious beliefs. Following the publication of a

How Does Religion Affect the Brexit Vote?

Uncontrolled entry of immigrants is influencing the vote. The Brexit referendum is the abbreviation of two words “British Exit”. It is meshed with two

Britain shuts down mosque plans

Britain Shuts Down Plans for Enormous 50,000 square foot Mosque

Tablighi Jamaat's 13-year plan for a London Mosque has been shut down. The Department for Communities and Local Government has rejected an appeal against

Muslim Brit

YouGov poll: Brits associate Muslims with terrorism, “extremist” and “misogynist” also mentioned

A poll claims that British people direct terrorism toward Muslims more than any other issue. YouGov describes it as "extremely worrying." A new poll reveals

Yoga Room Terminal 2 Heathrow

Hindus Criticize absence of Yoga Room at new Heathrow Airport Terminal 2

Slipstream, a sculpture by Richard Wilson, is suspended in the entryway of Terminal 2 in Britain's Heathrow Airport. The Hindu community is displeased with

Britain Divided by Prime Minister David Cameron’s “Christian” Country Comments

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has courted controversy with his recent comments when he declared that the United Kingdom was a “Christian Country.” David