China Begins a New High-tech War on Muslims

China Begins a New High Tech War on Muslims

Microsoft is accused of persecution of Muslims. China's surveillance has been the topic of many news reports, but this latest expansion is raising alarms

“There Is No God.” Stephen Hawking Says in His Final Book Brief Answers to the Big Questions

There Is No God, Stephen Hawking Says in His Final Book ‘Brief Answers to the Big Questions’

Hawking says belief in any event after death is simply wishful thinking. Stephen Hawking, well-known physicist and atheist, dismissed the idea of God a

Sophia robot

Can a Robot be Religious?

Many believe in a robot-led technological apocalypse Saudi Arabia's vision is firmly towards the future.[/tweetit] As a part of the Vision 2030 initiative, the

Engineer Wants to Use AI to Create God

Engineer Wants to Use AI To Create God

Has engineer Anthony Levandowski created a new God? In a recent development that could be seen as the creation of an AI God, engineer

If AI is a Threat to Christianity, How Might the Catholic Church Adapt to it?

The Catholic Church survived the Heliocentric and Evolution theories, will it survive an age of AI? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a reality steadily gaining