Jim Carrey

Everybody is Wrong About Jim Carrey’s Faith

His beliefs are unique and we shouldn't put him in a box Jim Carrey is one of the most brilliant physical comedians ever. He

Richard Gere on How Buddhism Changed His Career

Ever since his speech against the occupation of Tibet during the '93 Oscars, the actor has seen a downward spiral in his popularity. Once

Tom Hanks’ Childhood and Religious Journey

Tom Hanks’ Childhood and Religious Journey

The religion and beliefs of actor Tom Hanks. Popular Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has enjoyed a tremendous career. His ability to adapt and take

Gene Wilder’s Religious Beliefs

Gene Wilder’s Religious Beliefs

Willy Wonka  star, Gene Wilder has passed away at 83. The movie world lost yet another beloved face with the demise of celebrated actor

The Strong Religion and Faith of Mr. T.

Self-described “tough Mama’s boy” Mr. T is proud of his Christian faith. One of the most recognizable characters on TV, cinema, animation and including

Richard Attenborough

Director of ‘Gandhi,’ Sir Richard Attenborough’s Religious and Spiritual Beliefs [Video]

With the recent passing of Sir Richard Attenborough, we take a look at the religious philosophy of the famous actor and director of Gandhi. Legendary