Witness described the arsonist’s hair as it looked to be “whooshed up”

white supremacist who attempted to burn down a synagogue in the city of Exeter suffered burns as he fled the scene . He has been locked up in a UK hospital indefinitely. The man’s name is Tristan Morgan. One persecutor described Morgan as a person with “deep-rooted anti-Semitic belief.” After the court heard Morgan was experiencing a psychotic episode, he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act at London’s Old Bailey.

Press Association has revealed that Morgan admitted to arson, publishing song online encouraging terrorism, and that he owns a white supremacist handbook.

Surveillance footage shows Morgan splashing fuel through a window before taking the brunt of the explosion in his face. He can then be seen walking calmly away from the scene of his attack while patting his singed head and then driving off in a van. Morgan attacked the synagogue on a day commemorating the Holocaust.

Police Superintendent Matt Lawler has said that the footage shows the sheer level of planning, intent, and determination. He went on to say that the wider extent of the evidence shows that Morgan held abhorrent extreme right-wing, white supremacist, and anti-Semitic views. He added that Morgan is “clearly very unwell and following multiple detailed medical assessments it is clear that a hospital order is appropriate.”

Witnesses have said that Morgan looked like he was laughing as he walked away from the burning building. Morgan’s hair was described as it looked to be “whooshed up,” by a witness.

In a statement Police Superintendent, Lawler said that it was only by chance the synagogue was empty and that Morgan himself suffered minor burns.

Repairs to the synagogue are reported to cost over $28,804.