Treehugger Theory held by Taoists and Hippies Confirmed by Science


An ancient belief held by Taoists and the hippie culture which coined the term “treehugger,” has recently been supported by science.

Being near trees has now been proven to help relieve stress, headaches, and aid in concentration, according to studies in a book by Matthew Silverstone.

The Taoism religion believes trees soak up the “Universal Force from the Heaven’s” and Earth’s energy.

A Taoist master, Mantak Chia, has created Cosmic Tree Healing Qigong, a method that directs a student to align their body with the aura of trees. According to Chia, “trees naturally process a body’s negative or sick energies into life force energy that is vital to positivity. These connections allow the student to aid in their own emotional and physical healing.”

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Maybe this is just another reason why koalas hug trees too!


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