You Are Wrong if You Think College Attacks Religion

You’re Wrong If You Think Universities Attack Religion

The Misguided Attacks on Religion Are Designed Around Scapegoating Not Religious Freedom In the 1962 musical The Music Man, con artist Harold Hill is

State Senator Drops Bill That Angered Religious Universities in California

Controversial CA Bill that would regulate Christian universities has been rescinded. Christian schools in California heave a sigh of relief as a new amendment

New GOP Religious Freedom Bill Would Protect Those Who Oppose Gay Marriage

First Amendment Defense Act triggers a new battle over same-sex marriage. The First Amendment Defense Act is a bill that would protect those people

Senator Ricardo Lara

CA Bill Protects LGBT Students by Limiting the Faith of Universities

California bill violates the religious freedom of faith-based schools. Senate Bill 1146, proposed by Senator Ricardo Lara from Los Angeles County, California, representing the