Bono, Lead Singer of U2

Bono—One Of “The People of the Open Hand”

We are the people we’ve been waiting forOut of the ruins of hate and warArmy of lovers never seen beforeWe are the people we’ve

ADL Says Jay-Z Lyrics on ‘4:44’ Play into Anti-Semitism

The rapper's supporters say the meaning behind the lyrics are taken out of context. Rapper Jay-Z came under heavy criticism by the Anti-Defamation League[/tweetit]

Why Bono Doesn’t Think Christian Music is Honest

Bono sees dishonesty in today's Christian music. Christian worship music of today has come under lots of criticism. There are a number of valid

Dublin Gay Pride

How Did the Catholic Church Lose Ireland’s Gay Marriage Vote?

Despite the Catholic Church's stance against same-sex marriage and Ireland's majority Catholic population, Ireland voted to legalize gay marriage. In a turn events that

U2's Faith

U2 Continues Singing Their Faith in “Songs of Innocence”

Although their newest album "Songs of Innocence" has met controversy, it beautifully expands on U2's tradition of conveying their faith through song. U2 could