National Geographic Dec 2017 Jesus Real

National Geographic: Jesus was Real

National Geographic's December cover article is criticized for its bias. The December 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine chucks up rational thought and for

Morgan Freeman Explains How Christianity, Judaism and Islam All Started

Morgan Freeman tells the origins of three major world religions in the second season of The Story of God National Geographic, known for its

Patheos Writer Questions NatGeo’s Ability to take a “Truthful, Fact-based Look at Atheism”

"Atheism is no more a religion than off is a TV channel" says Friendly Atheist writer to NatGeo's recent look at non-believers. It didn’t

National Geographic Features Pope Francis on Cover of August 2015 Issue

Pope Francis has been thoroughly profiled for a new issue of the magazine, as well as a new book. National Geographic has released its