Where Are the Most Devout Christian in the World?

Where Are the Most Devout Christians in the World?

Spoiler alert: Europeans are the least religious. A recent study by Pew Research Center revealed that Latin American and African Christians are two of

"Sicker than healthy": Pope Blasts Latin America's Corrupt Politics

Pope Francis Speaks out on Corruption in Latin America

Pope Francis Attacks Systematic Abuse of Power in Peru and Argentina Pope Francis' trip to Latin America came to an end on Sunday. The

LGBT Rights Rise in Catholic Latin America

LGBT Rights Rise in Catholic Latin America

Costa Rica makes a landmark ruling for LGBT rights. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights, a human rights court in Costa Rica, said on

How Has Orthodox Church Changed in the 21st century?

How Has The Orthodox Church Changed in the 21st Century?

Number of Orthodox Christians has declined as share of global Christian population A recent study by the Pew Research Center reported that Orthodoxy, being

Facts about Protestants

Quick Facts About Protestantism on its 500th Anniversary

Tuesday marks Martin Luther's rebellion agains the Roman Catholic Church, 500 years ago. Protestants will commemorate their 500th anniversary on October 31, 2017. [/tweetit]

Why are Native Americans Attacking Pope Francis?

Native Americans protest Pope Francis' canonization of Priest Junipero Serra, who they believe enslaved, abused and spread disease. This week, Pope Francis will be