Experience a Christian Music Festival This Summer

Some of the most popular Christian music festivals Christian festivals are periods of time where Christians commemorate important religious markers and principles. These festivals

Top 3 Things Millennials Look for in a Church

Top 3 Things Millennials Look for in a Church

Research by Washington, D.C. churches concluded Generation Y looks for a church that's real and unique. A recent poll by the Pew Research Center

The Satanic Temple is Helping Protect Children from Abuse

The Satanic Temple campaign fights for First Amendment protection to students who have been victims of mental or physical abuse by school staff. Of

9/11 - What do I tell my kids?

ScientologyParent.com – What Will I Tell My Kids about 9/11?

What will I tell my kids about 9/11? My oldest is a kindergartner now. My guess is that this year it’ll come up, and