Actor Woody Harrelson’s Unique View Of Religion

Actor Woody Harrelson’s Unique View Of Religion

In Interview Actor Shares Surprising Connection To Vice President Pence Actor Woody Harrelson is making headlines for his unusual connection to the Christian faith.

Sadiq Khan at SXSW

London Mayor Addresses Hate Speech during SXSW Talk

Sadiq Khan shows the need for curbing hate speech SXSW or South by Southwest Festival is mostly regarded by the general public as a

Pat Robertson -Devils, Witches & Goblins

Pat Robertson Really Hates Halloween, Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Him with Video Montage

The Halloween holiday is rooted in Christian traditions. Jimmy Kimmel has admitted he does not prefer Halloween. His non-preference, however, pales in significance when

What Would President Jesus Do? Jimmy Kimmel Finds Out

"Jesus" campaigns for president on the Jimmy Kimmel show using actual quotes from Republican candidates. On Tuesday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, "Jesus"